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Up to 20% off for Sublimation Aluminum Sheets from BestSub


The prices of BestSub 0.4mm thickness sublimation aluminum sheets have been cut nowadays, with some even cut by 20%, for the reason that we have recently increased the scale of production to help keep costs down. Furthermore, to thank you for your always support and confidence in us, we’d like to share the profits with our valued customers. Why not have a look at these sublimation aluminum sheets and select your favorite ones from below list?
It’s not only an ad sheet, but also can be widely seen in the following occasions with clear and vivid sublimation printing effect:
1. Galleries, exhibitions, salons, stores;
2. Sports board posters, photo boards, office door signs, billboards, signboards;
3. Wall decoration, indoor decoration;
4. Perfect award sheet choice, etc.

1. Clear and vivid sublimation printing effect;
2. Large market demand
3. Eco safe material and making technology;
4. Decades expertise;
5. One-stop service at BestSub.

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